Inter-faith harmony stressed


Muslim clerics, representatives from Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Bha’i religion on Saturday set up the Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan (PHNP) in a meeting held in the Catholic Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism (CCIDE) to promote peace and harmony in society.
State Minister for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill chaired the meeting at the CCIDE Head Office. All speakers unanimously called for joint action to promote inter-faith and intra-faith peace and harmony in society.
PHNP Chairperson Allama Zubair Abid, who is also chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Mushaikh Council, PHNP Coordinator Javaid William, Allama Javaid Saqi, Shakilur Rehman Nasir, Shafaat Rasool, Shakir Kazmi, All Pakistan Hindu Rights Movement Chairman Pandit Haroon Srab Diyal, Sikh Youth Council Chairman Tranjeet Singh and Dr Rohiyah Mofeedi from the Bha’i International Community Pakistan also participated and represented their communities in the meeting.
Addressing the meeting, the minister termed inter-faith harmony as the best way to bridge the gap between different religious communities and bring peaceful co-existence. He asked religious scholars to promote inter-faith and intra-faith harmony in society. Speakers stressed the need to promote peace and harmony among the masses and said that all religious communities were playing their due role in national development.
They expressed their satisfaction with launching of a new platform under the name of the Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan to serve humanity.


  1. Good to see such a development in Pakistan. Religion must be kept in ones heart and also should be a matter of choice. One shouldn't force ones faith, ideology, opinion or religion on the other. There should be no hatred. If a person or a group or a community is harmful to a society then it is okay to use the force of the law enforcement body…….. I hope the rare Kalasha community of Kashmir too will get benefited by PHNP.

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