US should leave Afghanistan to avoid becoming laughing stock: Dr AQ Khan


Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Khan terming visit of US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to Pakistan as part of US agenda has suggested that US should leave Afghanistan to avoid becoming a laughing stock
While talking to a private TV channel by telephone, Dr AQ Khan suggested that the US should leave Afghanistan like Vietnam to avoid from becoming a laughing-stock.
He said that Hillary’s visit to Pakistan was under the US agenda; it was nothing to do with the benefit and betterment of Pakistan.
He said the politics of Imran Khan was ‘one man show’ and the people were restless for change in every aspect of life and asked Imran Khan to suggest solution of problems instead of criticising politicians.
He said that Pakistan’s atomic programme was sound and secure; that is why, the world had become silent after propagating false stories and piling pressure.


  1. Sir AQ Khan….Imran Khan & You are equally respected personalities of Pakistan……Imran Khan is not one man show….the world will see in election also you should be President when Imran Khan would be a PM….

  2. Ahmed Nawaz Mr AQ Khan is right here…..Imran Khan may be a good man but the ppl who are joining him are the same LOTAAS from other parties line N and Q….. if he ll move with the same pace, i fear he ll lose ppl’s confidence…. he should work at grass root level because ppl are only joining him to be in power not for serving the masses…

  3. @Faraz & Ahmed Nwaz , Yes Lottas r joining him like G. Ayub khan is going to join him , ppl know him well and trust imran khan he should Respect the Advice of Sir AQKHAN .

  4. Fraz Mahmud,Just like you most of peoples do think the same but the fact is,he is choosing those who are free from corruption & such scandals,he is not adding those who joining him for power….but he is adding them on a stance which is been consistent from him….

  5. Ahmed… i ll talk with an example… i m from Kasur.. n the people who are joining PTI there were once in Q…. as i said earlier Imran Khan can be a good leader but he can never be sure of his allies because they are not Revolutionary… its my opinion but plz think over it……

  6. Due to Imran's politics only faces will be changed and system will never will be change….He should be more concentrates on Nation's problems instead of criticising only Nawaz Sharif and accepting LOOTAS in his Party…This your criticizing only on Nawaz Sharif will result more profit to Zardari & we want Zardari Free Pakistan…..Please Imran be a Mature Leader!!!

  7. imran is the best man of the pak .sir you should want to promote the imran instead of critecise.sir u r hero

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