86 percent Facebook users ‘hate’ new design: poll


Eighty six percent of Facebook users hate the new changes to the website, a poll has found. Assuming the same figure across Facebook’s users, the equivalent of 688 million people said that the social networking site should go back to the way it was before. Among teenagers the number was even higher and 91 percent said that Facebook was worse since the update. Last month Facebook introduced a series of changes including the controversial ‘news ticker’ which constantly tells you what your friends are doing in real-time – seen as an inept attempt to keep up with rivals such as Twitter. But the reaction on the site – along with blogs and Twitter – was instant dislike and thousands complained that it was too cluttered and confusing. The poll by Sodahead.com found that the overwhelming majority of Facebook’s users wanted things to go back to how they were. Among young people 79 percent said the website should lose the update. User John Harris said: “It sucks and they need to change it back (or at least give us the option to use the old layout if we wish)!” The most supportive groups were, ironically, IT workers among whom 55 percent liked the new Facebook. Facebook has also been accused of stealing ideas from rival social networking site Google+ with its friend lists.


  1. they did screwed the privacy of FB users by introducing right side ticker which provide every like/comments they make anywhere on FB without their consent to their friends :-s…

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