Session held to encourage Philippines tourism


Philippine Ambassador Jesus Yabes and his delegation met tour operators and agencies in the city on Thursday in order to encourage Philippine tourism in the country to enhance cultural exchange. The session included a detailed presentation on tourist attractions of Philippines for citizens. Philippine recently opened its Honorary Consul in the city to facilitate the citizens to get Filipino visa. The briefing entitled More than the Usual, intended to arouse tour operators’ interest in the city, gave the participants a glimpse of what to see, enjoy and experience in the Philippines. Among the sights and places mentioned were the vibrant and bustling cities of Manila and Cebu, the picturesque sceneries and delightful, world-class beaches in Boracay and Bohol, and the famous eco-spots in Palawan. Tour operators were also informed of hotel rates and transportation to facilitate the stay of travelers. Philippine ambassador while replying to a question about direct air service to the Philippine capital said PIA had its own problems.