Pakistan has potential for regional leadership: Hillary


US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said Pakistan has potential to play leadership role in the region.
She said this during her meeting with a delegation of politicians and parliamentarians which called on her along with National Assembly Speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza on Friday. The delegation comprised Dr Fahmida Mirza, National Assembly opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Asfand Yar Wali, Farooq Sattar, Salim Saifullah and Baloch leader Abdul Malik Baloch.
A set of issues including democracy in Pakistan, US role and cooperation between Pakistan and US featured in the meeting.
Political leaders apprised Hillary Clinton of their concern on US drone attacks, US operation in Abbotabad and stance of their respective parties on tension between Pakistan and US.
Hillary Clinton held out assurance to political leaders that her country wanted democracy and democratic institution gain strength in Pakistan. US would continue any possible cooperation on this count, she remarked.
She commended the performance of parliament and role being played by Dr Fahmida Mirza in particular for taking along all political parties.
Terming the resolution adopted by All Parties Conference (APC) a positive step, she said,“US recognises Pakistan’s geographical location in the region. Both the countries would have to work together on both sides of Pak-Afghan border, she stressed.
Later talking to members of civil society, she said anti US public sentiments prevailing in Pakistan which was a recipient of 2 billion dollars annual US aid were embarrassing. Pakistan was the most important country of the region and Pakistanis should come forward for its development, she urged.
“We recognise geographical location of Pakistan. It has enormous potential for investment”, she remarked.
She said Pakistan had capability to play regional leadership role and added that only 2 million people out of 160 million population of Pakistan paid tax which was far less.


  1. US measured the depth and potential of pak but one thing that lacks the pak is unity among political circles. National issues are always sensitive , every nation has right to build its National Integrity. First time pak politicians show unity as a result US think tank changed their minset.Now US recognised the potential of pak in the said region.

  2. Mushtaq you are right but in the current situation how all the political parties can be brought under one banner… it was Zardari whose policy of reconciliation resulted in the form of APC… but will all the politician be together gain if there is any tough time….

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