Distressed wife commits suicide


A woman shot herself after being cheated on by her spouse in North Cantt Police precincts on Thursday. It was reported that Saman and Allah Ditta were married for love but Saman came to know that her husband was married to another woman and had two children with her. According to details, Saman, 18, a resident of Bund Road married Allah Ditta, a resident of Bahawalnagar who runs a cell phone business in the Sadar area, in court despite her parents’ displeasure. The couple lived with Allah Ditta’s sister after marriage. A few days ago, Saman found her husband’s secret hidden in his hometown. She committed suicide after she received the distressing information. Her parents refused to receive her dead body as they did not support her love marriage.
ARRESTED: Separately, Sundar Investigation Police arrested three people, including a numberdar, and started investigations of a young boy’s murder. The boy was found dead after he was sodomised at an empty plot in Mohnwal. According to details, Zafar Iqbal, 14, son of a labourer Muhammad Anwar went to work in his factory but did not return home. Police had refused to help the lost boy’s parents and had advised them to search for him themselves. Zafar’s corpse was found at Numberdar Yaqoob’s house after it had started decaying. Biopsy revealed that the perpetrators had strangulated the boy.
DIED: In another development, two people, including an eight-year-old boy, succumbed to accidental injuries while 13 others were injured and are under treatment in different hospitals.
As per details, Husnain, 8, who was injured in a car accident, and was under treatment in the General Hospital died.
Another citizen, Dilshad Ahmed of Mochipura, also succumed to his injuries. Moreover, Shahid, 20, of Mohni Road and Farhan, 22, of Chauburji Gardens tried to end their lives by taking sleeping pills and were said to be in critical conditions. Three people Bilal, Kashif and Ali were injured in a wagon and rickshaw collision while Imran and Mubashar were wounded in car accidents. In another incident of a rickshaw colliding with a motorcycle, a citizen Nazir, his wife and son were severely wounded.
SUICIDE: In a mysterious case, Samina, 24, committed suicide in the South Cantt Police precincts. The deceased was an employee of a private bank. Police suspected the claim of her parents that the girl committed suicide and said the matter needed to be probed. Parents of Samina were also said to be reluctant to give a written statement about the sad incident. Police said in case no written statement came from heirs of the deceased, police would initiate self prosecution of matter.