Deadline for computerisation of arms licences extended


On the directives of the Interior Ministry, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has extended the deadline for computerization of Arms Licences till December 31, 2011. The decision has been made keeping in view the problems being faced by flood victims in Sindh and dengue epidemic in Punjab, said a statement issued by NADRA on Friday.
The statement said that the Ministry of Interior had ordered extension in the deadline from October 31 to December 31. This deadline is applicable in the entire country for renewal of Arms Licences, specifically those issued by the Ministry of Interior. It further said that NADRA’s designated 158 Centers across the country have a separate counter to facilitate citizens in revalidating their Arms Licences.


  1. Incompetent Interioir Ministier and his Blind sub-ordinates, has absolutely no idea what the hell they are doing. I got my license two years back and paid 5 years annual fee in advance to Govt of Pakistan via National Bank. These idiots are asking for 600 rupees more at the time of re-validation and issuing computerized license. Will there fathers return my rest of 3-years fee?

    Computerized Card is entirely a bullshit, as ammunation purchase quantity and date entry on old license was written and stamped by the Arms Dealer. On new computerized card, only restricted quantity is written, where as holder of the card can purchase unlimited ammunation from multiple dealers illegally as there will be no entry on computerized card by the dealer. Rehman Malik is the biggest Blackmailer, entirely incompetent and has done this in extreme haste. He must ask for forgiveness to the whole nation for his wrong deeds.

    Technically speaking, Computerized Arms License Card is not only a failure, but also a big confusion and burden of genuine arms holder and will cause proliferation of Illegal Ammunation Purchases.

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