The friend of enemy


The State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told the media that military assistance to Pakistan would be tied to its ability to cooperate with the US in the war against terrorism, without realizing that setting of pre-condition on the funding will hamper the operation against extremists.

Giving Pakistan money only to pile up more and more corpses is no way of cooperation. Hundreds of Pakistan security forces men and officers have sacrificed their lives, thousands of Pakistan’s civilian population have lost their sons, children and women; millions have been affected.

If America was serious, why couldn’t it equip Pakistan with drones, missiles and other modern warfare systems? Nobody is asking Washington what the Indians have played the role for America in the war against terror that it has not only been given the nuclear technology and empowered to build massive war machinery, but has been granted the NATO-ally status. Against whom?

Against the one that fought on the front against the terrorists? Against the one that sacrificed more than 36,000 lives to save the lives of Americans at their home? This all should have been made with Pakistan, given its role, its geo-strategic location.