INMOL organises seminar on breast cancer


Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (INMOL), in collaboration with Sanofi Aventis, organised an awareness seminar regarding the increasing risk of breast cancer in Pakistan, at Alhamara on Wednesday.
Delivering the inaugural speech, INMOL Director and Consultant Oncologist
Dr Misbah Masood said breast cancer was the fastest spreading cancer in Asia and Pakistan was exposed to high risk of disease in the region.
INMOL Consultant Surgeon Samina Khokar gave a helpful lecture on “Breast Health Awareness: A Surgeon’s Perspective”, while INMOL Consultant Oncologist Dr Amira Shami delivered a lecture on “Breast Cancer Treatment”. She explained that most breast cancer patients needed further treatment after surgery, called adjuvant treatment.
INMOL Consultant Radiologist Dr Rafia Shahzad talked about detecting breast cancer. She said owing to the lack of awareness and late detection, 50 percent of the women with breast cancer in Pakistan died without getting the chance to seek treatment. Breast cancer is the only cancer easily detectable in its first stage, and early detection could lower the risk by 90 percent, she said.
The seminar was attended by a large number of female students from Punjab University, APWA College, Lahore College for Women University, Home Economics College, Punjab College. and other institutions.