Nawaz demands end to ‘dacoit raj’


PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday demanded that the present government must be removed since it has failed to address problems of flood-affected people in Sindh.
Addressing the flood affected people, Nawaz said that he came to Sindh to help flood victims, adding that the people Punjab are whole-heartedly supporting their brothers during these tough times.
He said millions of flood-affected people are still suffering with water in their houses, but the head of the government is enjoying his life in palaces.
He asked the government to give at least Rs.100,000 to each flood victim family for rebuilding their homes.
The PML-N chief said that people of Sindh live in his heart and he wants to see them successful and prosperous, adding that he wants to eliminate disparities among the people of the country.
He vowed to distribute land to poor farmers, as he did in his last tenure, if given an opportunity to come to power once again. He also reminded his audience that dacoits were flushed out off the province the last time he came to power.
He expressed his desire to build a new Pakistan and appealed to the people to stand up to put an end to the ‘dacoit raj’ taht was prevalent in the country.
He said he wants to see a corruption free, prosperous, and peaceful Pakistan, where people live their lives with freedom and comfort.
He also said that he wants to see a crime-free Sindh and wants the people of the province to be given their rights. Moreover, he said that those responsible for the Karachi unrest must be brought to justice and demanded of the government to end the power and gas crisis, which are piling up the miseries of a common man.


  1. Liar. kept his mouth shut for the last 3 1/2 years in the name of "democracy" and failed to play any role in making the govt accountable. Just waiting for his turn to suck our blood again.

    For all Pakistanis… we have tried these incompetent and corroupt people for two terms, for Allah sake, pls use your vote with common sense. Or we will have no one to blame except us.

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