Hush Puppies’ Eid sale a success


Lahore – Hush Puppies’ two-day Eid exhibition at a local hotel came to an end Sunday. Large numbers of people flocked to the stalls to buy shoes for Eid. People at the exhibition especially praised how the company had maintained high product quality and style over the years.
Hush Puppies is a brand especially popular amongst boys, who deem the shoes comfortable, yet trendy enough to be worn at occasions like weddings, etc. Customers made the most of the opportunity and bought shoes at discounted prices. Staff Report


  1. Hush Puppies is a good brand and a very comfortable shoe, just like Florshiem's.Last time I bought it for Pakistani 5000.00 rupees.Expensive for normal earning people and obviously for me.But I guess people who can go to one of the local hotels in Lahore they can also afford to buy few pairs of Hush Puppies.Some area in the country and in Lahore are as expensive as any place in the big cities of the world.Majority of the people in the country wear,Peshawri Chapal in Khyber NWFP,Kanchee in Punjab,Banarsi in Sind and bugee in Baluchistan.

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