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Dissolution of PA

The dissolution of Punjab Assembly is not on the cards. It is a false cry of disgruntled politicians. Dr Tahir Javed, member of Punjab Assembly has stirred the storm in the tea pot by his wild and inconsiderate demand. Ms Seemal Kamran has lodged a protest and filed a Tehrik-e-Istehqaq over this matter.

Dr Javed has provoked and insinuated the members. It is an affront and insult to the democratic institution and to the people.

He should be taken to task and his case (reference) should be sent to the Election Commission. His demand is undemocratic, unconstitutional and illegal. It is a serious matter and considerate conspiracy against the august house and its elected members.

His demand is against the norms and values of democratic principles. We must observe respect for our democratic institutions. Chief Minister has the right to dissolve the assembly, but at present, there is no need to take such a drastic step. It would derail the democracy, and destabilise the institutions. Ms Seemal Kamran has acted promptly and done an honourable thing.



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