Upcoming elections to prove N-League as “Nakaam” League: Awan


The leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, Dr Babar Awan has said PML-N will become ‘Failed (Nakaam) League’ in upcoming elections.
Addressing a gathering here on Sunday, he strongly criticised PML-N and said that the PML-N leadership has been confused and upset due to fear of defeat in Senate and upcoming general elections. Therefore, PML-N is talking about dissolution of Assembly.
Criticizing over the PML-N leadership in Lahore Mian Brothers, Babar Awan maintained that the Princes of “Takht-e-Lahore” would again leave for Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) after their defeat in General Elections of 2013.
He added that PML-N cheated with the parties of APDM not to contest election in 2008, but PML-N leadership backed from its words and cheated with PTI, JI and Achakzai.


  1. haahaaa…BIG LOOTAY….PPP will surely be defeated..anti-pakistani party… will be defeated …RAIWIND isn’t weak..wht u think..they are man of moments.so it would be to earlt to say

  2. Oh Mr Awan distributer of rice at Bhutto hang you are servitude , you not spared shekh even at the name of judiciary. You are selfish and can turtle any time , where would be sweat you would always go there you are an opportunist, PMN is an idealistic party, I am not on pay role of any one , two Mr Clean (SM Qureshi and Shoukat tareen have left you due to your corruption)

  3. PML (N) is playing right. They can’t be blamed because they are not the ruling party. So whatever you say Awan sb. you can only convince yourself.

  4. The performance, both at Federal & Provincial levels, is not satisfactory. Having said that, the only difference is that there have been many hurdles put in the way of PPP governments but PML-N has had a fairly free hand in Punjab. When election time comes in 2013, all governments will have completed their full terms. So, they will not have any excuse of saying that they were not given enough time.

    It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that all governments complete their terms and then the people of Pakistan should elect their representatives for the next term in free and fair elections.

    It is also time that media plays its due role. The TV anchors play a very important role. I would advise them to forget about their race for ratings and initiate educated debate. They should be impartial, be brief in their questions and then give fixed time to their guests to reply. If guests do not give relevant replies, the viewers can judge them by their answers.

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