Imran Khan gaining ground in KP, FATA


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is aggressively trying to secure his position in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) for the next elections and could likely win the support of some influential politicians, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Among those considering joining the PTI are a dissident MNA of the Awami National Party (ANP), Khuwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, KP Irrigation Minister Pervez Khattak of the Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao (PPP-S) from Nowshera, PPP-S member Israrullah Khan from Dera Ismail Khan, former PPP minister Iftikhar Khan Jhagra from Nowshera, and former KP minister Shujaat Ali Khan from Swat, sources in the PTI said.
The PTI chief would visit Mardan on Monday to hold a meeting with Hoti, who would either join the PTI or announce a date for joining, sources close to Hoti said. Hoti’s personal secretary Mehrab Gul and a PTI spokesman both confirmed the meeting between the two, saying the coming days would reveal a clearer picture. As Imran Khan has claimed to make a clean sweep in the next polls at both national and provincial levels, a lot depends on his party’s planning and management ahead of the elections.
Sources said the party’s strategy included winning the support of several sitting ministers and provincial legislators; however their names would not be disclosed before the party took its final decision. Political experts say Imran has been showing maturity in his political manoeuvres, and the people of KP wanted a bold and patriotic leader like Imran. Aqeel Yousafzai, a senior journalist and analyst, said all major parties, including the PPP and ANP, were disconnected because of poor security situation.
He said the PTI was capitalising on this communication gap and enhancing its vote bank in the province and in FATA, where Imran had easier access than other parties because of softer views on militancy. PTI sources also confirmed party contacts with provincial minister Pervez Khattak, MPA Israrullah Khan Gandapur, and former minister Iftikhar Jhagra. However Khattak denied contacts with the PTI.
PTI KP Information Secretary Zahid Hussain said the party’s growing popularity had attracted several prominent personalities and raised hopes for better results in the elections. He said numerous former candidates for national and provincial assemblies were willing to join the party, which would accept only those who joined without any preconditions such as demanding tickets to contest elections. Hussain said the party would set up an impartial parliamentary board, which would decide the party candidates for elections.
Former MPA from Nowshera Qurban Ali Khan, who recently joined the PTI, said Imran had the courage to take a clear stance on the so-called war against terror and on other national issues. He said Imran’s courage had convinced him to join the party without preconditions. PTI KP President Asad Qaiser said the party was developing contacts in the southern parts of KP, as well as FATA, Peshawar and Charsadda. He said numerous influential figures from those areas would join the PTI in the next couple of weeks.
A PTI source said that Saleem Jan, former chief executive of the Bank of Punjab and a relative of Asfandyar Wali, would also join the PTI in upcoming days. However Jan refused to comment when contacted. Among others who have announced their affiliation with the PTI are: former ambassador to Afghanistan Rustam Shah Mohmand, Maj General (r) Taj-ul-Haq, Justice (r) Burhanuddin, former MPA Zafarullah Marwat, Omar Farooq Hoti, former provincial health minister Dr Mehr Taj Roghani and her husband Dilawar Shah Roghani. Despite the large number of people joining the PTI, some of its former members say the party is politically immature.
Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan, former PTI KP president and former provincial finance minister, said the party played immature politics. “Imran decides on everything without consulting the party members, therefore people leave them after having a bad experience,” he remarked. He said those joining the PTI were immature and had been rejected by their parties.
Some influential figures who quit the PTI after developing differences with its chief include: Minister for Higher Education Qazi Asad, Pakistan Patriotic Movement founder Abdul Rashed Yousafzai, former vice chancellor of Malakand University, Swat Dr Farooq (late), and former KP governor Owais Ghani.


  1. Still no understand why the people critcisized always the persona or persnality why we always doubtful about the sincerity of other people if some one Like IK is struggling for more then 10 year for the people of pakistan for justice of common man , educcation and for the communities social working like shaukat Hosp and one educational institute which affiiated to Bradford University and why we always saying that every people success behind only the support of establishment why we not be able to choose the right person and this coming election is the Wake up Call so humbly request the all PK people plz use vote for Honest and reliable able people without the ethnic discrminities and take the responsibities and be a part of big society and build the country and strengthen it

  2. I just want Imran Khan to know that the youth is standing behind him…Be Brave n throw these traitor behind bars 😡 I'm living and studying in NY York but I am so embarrassed when during the class discussions we talk about the most corrupt nation and they always mention Pakistan.
    We are Ready for Change!
    We need to bring this change as a Nation not as an ethnic group!
    Imran Khan we want to be part of your Dream! A Dream to see Pakistan Prosper Insha'Allah!!!
    I'm ll support u in any means but I wish to get a right to vote as an overseas Pakistani

  3. PTI has no concrete plan to solve Pakistan's problems except that Imran Khan wants so much to be the prime minister. The only plan they are proposing : "trust us since we are honest". They want to implement european socialist welfare model in pakistan in the garb of "islamic falahi riyasat". They will not implement punishments as prescribed by shariah; they don't want to elilminate riba and they are all for implementing socialist economic system in pakistan which was trashed decades ago in the world. They are left wing socialist party and will trash Pakistan economy, whatever remains of it, with their socialist ideology.

    • Brother criticism is easy…Plz tell solution???and also tell if not Imran Khan then who???V vill wait….

    • How many times we have given chances to other political leaders but each time the result was the same old 60 years corruption story. The innocent Pakistani people robbed by the corrupt mafia those do not like to provide the welfare to the nation. If we give one chance to Imran and we hope that he would prove his best, but for this cause the entire nation should scrifice and change their attitude, mind also. We have an example of Turkey. How a new government has been delivered in a decade. Alone Imran could not do good for the country unless the entire Pakistan should stand against corruption.

  4. Imran Khan is best he is the only man who hve solution of problem of Pakistan…He know how to end war on terror by truth and reconciliation policy….He know how to revive economy by collecting TAX from richs…He knw how to uproot corruption by passing strong laws and restructuring FBR.CBR….He know how to do reforms in Police and judiciary…Those people are immature who say IK hve no policy….If ur dumb and duffer its not IK and PTI fault….Inshallah Imran khan tum jeeto yah haaro mera vote tumhry liye….

  5. inshallah a day would come when we would see Imran khan government who would change the fate of pakistan

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