Albania announces reopening embassy in Pakistan


Albania on Sunday announced to reopen its embassy in Pakistan as Parliament speakers from the two countries met at Tirana, Albania. National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza is on an official visit to Albania, on the invitation of her Albanian counterpart. This is the first visit of any speaker from Pakistan to Albania.
Dr Fehmida and her Albanian counterpart Dr Jospefina Topali stressed promotion of closer political, economic and cultural ties between the two countries through regular parliamentary exchanges. On the occasion, Dr Jospefina announced her country’s decision to re-open its embassy in Pakistan. At present the two countries do not have diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals. Dr Jospefina termed Dr Fehmida a symbol of women’s empowerment and a role-model for women of the world.
Dr Fehmida also proposed establishing a Joint Parliamentary Commission, comprising members from the two Parliaments, which would meet annually to review the pace of cooperation in fields of economy, culture and social development.


  1. Please tell me the Exact date, when Albanian Embassy start to work in Islamabad Pakistan

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