Assault on a lady


As per footage of a private TV channel, a young lady who was protesting against alleged embezzlement of funds meant for Mohenjodaro was brutally beaten up in presence of Ms Nafisa Shah – daughter of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah – during an international conference on Mohenjodaro in Karachi on October 15.

She was beaten up to the extent that she fell down on the ground and was almost unconscious. Nonetheless, Ms Nafisa Shah could not deliver her speech. As per ARY TV, the lady had asked a question to Ms Shah but instead of satisfying her Ms Shah labelled her “idiot”. These remarks infuriated the lady. While leaving the site without completing her address, Ms Shah told reporters, she was once her class-fellow.

There is no doubt the funds meant for Moenjodaro are being mercilessly misappropriated as reported in the press from time to time that need to be investigated on high-level.

Since there is no hope to get the lady justice, I request Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take sou motu action on the matter for the sake of justice.




  1. The daughter of Qaim Ali Shah seems to have a lot in common with her father, who has a reputation for being very corrupt.

  2. Who is not corrupt in PPP? And who does not get furious among them when questioned on the loot and plunder? Only Makhdoom Fahim. He returned NLIC fraud money sheepishly saying he is not aware who transferred millions in his wife's account. The only gentle man Fraudulent of PPP.

  3. Typical of Urdu channels to concoct stories. I am Nafisa Shah, the MNA concerned. When the lady got up to ask her question, she made a long speech, largely about issues not concerned with Moen jo Daro, and when I told her that I was going to answer all her concerns, she told me to 'shut up' and then pranced at me, hurling abuses. There was no question of calling her an 'idiot'. The television footage shows her kicking, shouting and abusing. In fact the lady was hurling abuses at me and my family and anyone else she saw.
    After that for the next 8 to 10 minutes she yelled, screamed and beat up everyone who came in her way, including reporters.
    Our media is used to maligning and scapegoating people, especially public representatives by twisting, turning stories and putting words in our mouth.
    Nafisa Shah

  4. Yes absolutely right. it is apparent the woman was the aggressor and acting like a mentally compromised person showing no respect for anyone. Either she was sent for the purpose by someone or was just trying to get fame by default. No one was rude to her as seen on TV channels – everyone tried to placate her but her agenda was different!
    Dr Ghulam Nabi Kazi

  5. The woman is a highly respected person and an academic, expert on heritage and architecture, whereas we all know the kind of background MNA Nafisa Shah and her corrupt party in the government come from. Protests occur all over the world. The lady had not initiated any aggression. The organisers and the PPP ghunda security should have had the decency and courtesy to allow her question to be answered

  6. @Dr G N Kazi, people living in Sindh are aware of the corruption of this family. Qaim Ali Shah and his family are leeches and blood suckers. This lady should have never been assaulted and they should have allowed her to speak. But what can you expect of a CM, who choses to remain slient while thousands were murdered right under his nose by target killers and extortion takers.

  7. At least some one had the guts to protest in this way. Weldone my dear. May Allah send all these corrupt people to Hell and they should also suffer humiliation in this world and the next, Ameen.

  8. It is clear that this woman was planted, psychotic, or both – a psychotic plant. Where’s the proof of her baseless allegations? If she has evidence, she should take concerned parties to court. If she has no evidence, she should hold her peace. And come on, I seriously expected better of our press and intelligence agencies. Seriously? You’re going to malign the most respected academic and honest politician in Pakistan with this? How was Nafisa Shah’s conduct at the event wrong? World over, the norm for protestors is to protest outside events they disagree with, or having protested inside, leave gracefully when escorted out. Why didn’t she leave more gracefully? Why stage the fake falling down drama, and then go outside and smile for the cameras? What did she achieve except shaping the environment for mistrust of a respected politician? She’s not going to deal with embezzlement or corruption like this. I strongly recommend that she take a few classes on principled nonviolence or strategic nonviolence to achieve her goals, if she has any that aren’t specific to maligning innocent individuals. Also, the write-up suggests that there have been many press reports on the way funds for mohenjodaro are being misused. Where's the proof? Where's the link to the articles being referenced? This is just not done!

  9. That 'crazy, psychotic' woman is a respected professor of architecture and an authority on Pakistan's heritage and was part of the assessment committee for the Bhasha Dam where she gave her dissenting note because the go ahead on the project is going to compromise some heritage sites.
    Compare these credentials with those of the people in the audience at the seminar and decide how 'irrelevant' her questions could have been!

  10. At least some one had the guts to protest in this way. Weldone my dear. May Allah send all these corrupt people to Hell and they should also suffer humiliation in this world and the next

  11. It would be worthwhile to see the footage once again to come to a balanced judgment. In case the corruption was really bothering her, she may have been more civilized about the whole thing. I am against corruption but where was this lady when a chief justice of the Supreme Court involved previously in the judicial murder of Z A Bhutto, ruled while reinstating a prime minister in 1993 that a government could not be dismissed for corruption. It was a 10 : 1 judgment of the SC. For the sake of the record, I have nothing to do with politics.

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