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The region in flux

There seems to be new development in our foreign policy vis-à-vis India. The Commerce and Foreign Ministers are seen drifting towards the Indian government by offering them the MFN status. Next thing, they are very likely to ask us the permission to allow their goods to be transported to Afghanstian which was resisted by Musharraf.

With instructions from USA, Karzai went to India and signed a “Strategic Pact”. This should have rung bells for our leaders. For sure, the intentions of USA, India and Afghanistan are quite inimical.

Indian RAW with half a dozen consulates on the Eastern side of Afghanistan is already seen committing hostile acts of insurgency.

Let’s be very clear as to the malafide intentions of the USA-backed Karzai and his newfound Indian benefactors. Imagine a Muslim country trying to be more than friendly with the Indians when Pakistan can be more effective in training their armed forces. Why?

The regional power balance is changing and one hopes that our foreign policy makers are aware of where to take Pakistan is this new setup.



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