New HRCP formula


Apropos to the new formula of HRCP which proposes administrative division of Karachi into three districts (Oct 13).

The HRCP has suggested division of Karachi on administrative grounds into three districts, revival of Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners without magisterial powers, retaining of present tiny districts of Hyderabad, Tando Allahyar, Matyari and Tando Mohammad Khan and creating a new division with name of Benazirabad in which Dadu district is to be incorporated.

The people of Sindh would not accept such highly controversial formula as Sindh Assembly has already passed a bill to retain five old districts in Karachi and reunification of Hyderabad district whereas the ruling PPP has already announced to make Lyari as sixth district in Karachi.

Under pressure from the MQM, the ruling PPP has kept it on hold on through an Ordinance. Nonetheless, the magisterial powers to deputy commissioners always facilitate people to get their grievances resolved in view of past experience and the HRCP must know this.

The HRCP’s proposals to retain tiny four districts including Hyderabad and inclusion of far-flung Dadu with the proposed Benazirabad division are highly regrettable.

This shows they lack an understanding of the depth and seriousness of the matter. It was the height of injustice that during the Musharraf regime, Karachi with population of 15 million was retained as one district whereas Hyderabad district was divided into four districts with population of hardly half million each. However, our TV anchors are unaware of this fact.

It appears the HRCP has gone off track from its original assignment. I suggest HRCP to do their own job and do not indulge into politics unnecessarily by complicating the situation of Sindh further.