Youth’s energies


Yesterday, I was in the Punjab University, the oldest university of Pakistan, to meet my friends who were completing graduation there. A friend of mine told me about the huge gathering of youth who were expected to come in PU from all over the country to participate in the annual congregation of Islami Jamiat-i-Tulba on 15-17 October. The living nations train their youth to face the futuristic challenges courageously. This training may be of any kind including political training. Student organisations produce the leaders of the future.

The point that I want to highlight through your paper is that our country is passing through the worst-ever phase of its history. The youth can do what is required to escalate the nation from this abject situation. The administrators of the said event should take an initiative and start a campaign against dengue and in favour of flood victims. In the first step, they should try to motivate more and more participants or their comrades to donate blood and money. It is speculated that about one lakh members of the said organisation will participate. In this way, if half participants donate their blood, fifty thousand bottles of blood can be collected to assuage the dengue victims. And if each participant donates hundred rupees only, the amount of one crore can be collected to alleviate the miseries of the flood victims.

I think it is a golden chance to use the energies of the youth.