PML factions to merge in APML: Saif


All factions of Pakistan Muslim League including PML (Q) and Likeminded Group would merge in All Pakistan Muslim Leagues (APML) as it is the final destination of all PML factions.
The APML Secretary General Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said this while talking to Likeminded Group leader Abdul Qadir Khan here on Thursday, who announced to join All Pakistan Muslim League.
Saif claimed that within few weeks, leadership as well as workers of all the groups of Muslim League would unite at the platform of APML. He said AMPL head Pervez Musharraf has provided a platform in form of APML for unification of all the factions of Pakistan Muslim League instead of doing confrontational politics.
“APML was formed with the motive to unite all the people agreed with the philosophy and thinking of Quaid-e-Azam”, he added.
He said a number of politicians from PML-Q, ANP, PPP and Likeminded groups were in continuous contact with him. All of them wanted to become the member of APML and would formally announce their inclusion in APML on arrival of Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan on March 23, 2012, he added.


  1. Sure! Why not?

    Back-stabbing, walking with the military and forging alliance in a fast pace completes the political life-cycle in Pakistan.

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