PM wants us to work less


It just goes to show how disconnected the top leaders are from a regular Pakistani. Recently the Prime Minister, in his great wisdom, announced two weekly holidays for Pakistan to help reduce the burden of electricity usage.

The PM’s suggestion was clearly rejected by all the people of Pakistan who unlike the PM are all interested in working hard. The PM’s suggestion sounds like he is asking the people of Pakistan to work less which is in contradiction with Quiad’s famous saying, “Work, work and more work”.

Also two weekly holidays on Saturday and Sunday creates another major disadvantage for the banking and financial sector of Pakistan. Since the world is closed on Sunday and Pakistan normally has a half day on Friday, giving a holiday on Saturday would reduce Pakistan’s working days to four per week.

It is also ironic to hear the PM give this suggestion to help reduce loadshedding. He is not aware that the public helped stopped loadshedding in the country (by beating up Wapda officials) a few weeks ago. He should have given this suggestion in the summer time when we had 8-12 hour loadshedding.

Therefore, I would like to request the Honourable Prime Minister to please think about the benefit for Pakistan before giving his suggestions. And I would also like to request the Honourable Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to please disregard this “suggestion” of the PM and allow the banks and businesses to be open on Saturday so we can work more.