Nawaz wanted a puppet army chief: Musharraf


Claiming that he had disappointed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif by refusing to become a puppet army chief, former military ruler Pervez Musharraf said Sharif had lost his marbles and his statement of “saving the army and the country” was a lie, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.
He said even Nawaz’s brother Shahbaz Sharif did not know what Nawaz was up to and that his intentions were twisted from day one, adding that he (Musharraf) would never plunder the nation’s wealth.
He said “Nawaz conspired against me and left for America a day before the scheduled meeting on Kargil issue,” adding that he was not in contact with those who carried out the operation on October 12.
He also accused Nawaz Sharif’s government of ‘losing the Kashmir cause’, adding that it was impossible for Sharif to work with anyone.
“I only see hopelessness in Pakistan,” he said.


  1. Musharraf's image was painted as an evil and cause of all problems. But matter of fact there were no problems were there for the comon people of Pakistan. A viked conspiracy was hatched like that of Nizam e Mustafa. After the ouster of Musharraf real problems emerged and now Pakistan is in deepest problems All political parties are stooges of USA/UK. Expect nothing new in 2013 and afterwards…. Tariq Khan.

  2. Nawaz Sarrif is one of the most sensible leader in Pakistan. Pakistan is suffering today because of the misdeeds of Army dictators. Mulla and Military are the two evils which are ruining Pakistan. Why can't these Army generals resign from the services and then contest elections fairly? Let people decide if they are acceptable?

  3. To my knowledge Army Chief is only a public servant. If the appointing authority wants to have an Army Chief who acts like a public servant then what is wrong with that? Army Chief is not the Chief Justice of Pakistan or for that matter a judge of judiciary who might be argued to have an impartial bearing. Musharaf and his accomplices in the 1999 coup have no reason or logic for the coup. It was their lust for power and corrupt practices that made them take the action that they took. Ultimately all such actions have to be addressed in the light of the laws and the Constitution and there is no way that the Gen can satisfy the requirements of the law.

  4. Do anyone has still doubts when Sharifs try to grab every ministry run himself? They like mafia dons love to control everything instead of making institutions strong, they always put cronies at key positions with only merit to serve them not the country!
    Now talking agaist the army, he grown out of Gen Gilani and Gen Zia's laps!

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