Illegal refugees


Regrettably, Pakistan has become a “safe haven” both for legal and illegal refugees. Pakistan is indeed one of those countries of the world where one can find the refugees of all ethnic origins. They are everywhere. They are in metropolitans, in cities, in towns and in villages.

The Afghan refugees who were around three million, some three decades ago, now have quadrupled to more than ten million. Their second generation has opened its eyes in Pakistan. These refugees have infested Pakistani society with several social, economic and moral ills and evils. They have monopolised many legal and illegal businesses in various cities. In certain parts of the country, they have monopolised the business to that extent there is no room for the natives there. The natives feel cross and confused in those areas. They have put the Pakistani society under tremendous stress.

All these refugees have now become not only a burden on our ailing economy but also a nuisance for the natives. However, the urgent need of the hour is to deport all refugees (many of whom have illegally obtained Pakistani citizenship) to save this country and its ailing economy.