NCHD, FDE hold memorial service for deceased students of Kallar Kahar incident


Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) on Tuesday held a memorial service for those deceased in the Kallar Kahar incident which took the lives of 26 children. During the month of September, the students of Millat School, Faisalabad were returning to Faisalabad after completing a study tour in Islamabad when their bus plunged into a ravine near Kallar Kahar. The event was attended by teachers, students, motorway officials, and Islamabad Police officers while NCHD Chairperson Nafisa Shah and FDE Director General Atif Kayani were the chief guests on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion, Shah said the government should ensure development of safety standards and regulatory requirements to provide security to the students. She said the transporters should also follow vehicle fitness standards, and the motorway and highway authorities had to play an active role to avoid such incidents. Atif Kyani on the occasion said there should be no overloading in the buses and that this was not only dangerous, but also against the traffic rules.