LUMS Law and Politics Society holds seminar


The LUMS Law and Politics Society (LPS) organised its first lecture this semester, which reflected upon Pakistan’s position in the global political arena and aimed towards devising a practical and beneficial course of action, keeping in mind concerns over the prevalent internal turmoil. The event began with an introduction by the moderator, Rasul Bakhsh Rais. This was followed by the first panelist of the day, Ambassador Shehryar Khan, who spoke to the audience about important measures that needed to be taken by Pakistan to sustain relations with Afghanistan, India, and its key ally – the US. He said Pakistan should adopt a policy of “aggressive non-interference” with Afghanistan and attempt to roll-back its involvement in all spheres. For Pakistan and India’s relationship to prosper and a balance to be retained, resolution of the Kashmir conflict was key; while for stronger ties with the US, it was imperative to have open and honest communication with no duplicity, as there was a dearth of trust on both sides presently, he said. The second speaker for the night, Ambassador Azmat Hassan, who has spent more than three decades in the Pakistan Foreign Service, spoke about pressing domestic issues plaguing the nation. He said considering the magnitude of the various issues gripping the nation, Pakistan appeared to be a nation at war with itself.