CM proposes new regulations to tackle dengue


To control viral diseases, the Punjab government has decided to impose regulations which will remain in force in the province till November 30, 2011. Under the regulations, all citizens will be responsible for taking any and all measures at houses shops, offices, godowns, workshops, factories and other places which are under their use or control, as are necessary for checking the growth of dengue mosquitoes and spread of the virus.
Proposals regarding implementation of the regulations were finalised at a meeting presided over by Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif, here today. Elected representatives, chief secretary, secretaries of various departments, experts and members of the Indonesian medical team were present. Addressing the meeting, the CM said every effort possible had been made to eradicate dengue. He said in addition to spraying and fogging, machinery and medicines had also been imported for the provision of the best curative facilities to patients. He directed that extensive preparations be made from now on for coping with dengue next season, adding that a comprehensive plan be evolved incorporating the recommendations of the Sri Lankan and Indonesian experts, and in consultation with elected representatives. He also issued instructions for the development of a mechanism for dengue-specific training doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of private hospitals. He said the role of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff in the service of humanity was commendable, however, arrangements to ensure cleanliness should be improved in all hospitals and elected representatives should pay regular visits to government and private hospitals to keep a check on them, adding that all hospitals should submit a certificate regarding successful eradication of dengue larvae. While spraying of tyre godowns was continuing vigorously, it should be ensured in all towns that tyres were not stored in open places, and their godowns should be sprayed, he said. He said town committees had sprayed on tyres at 1,700 places in the provincial metropolis and had moved them from open to covered locations. The CM said the spread of dengue had provided an opportunity to judge the efficiency of various departments and to take measures for their improvement: heaps of garbage lying for years had been removed. He directed all tube-wells of the city be checked and measures be taken to kill the larvae of dengue mosquito, if found anywhere. He said elected representatives should submit a report in this regard.


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