137 Opp members move motion to sack Dr Tahir


Joint Opposition in Punjab Assembly (PA) Secretariat on Tuesday submitted a privilege motion against Unification Bloc parliamentary leader Dr Tahir Ali Javed in the PA and demanded he be sacked from assembly membership.
Media reported that Dr Tahir had presented the idea of dissolving the PA on Sunday and said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) needed to take bold and aggressive steps to prevent the PPP from gaining a majority in the upcoming Senate election.
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) legislators moved the joint privilege motion against Dr Tahir carrying the signature of 137 PA opposition members. 108 PPP members and 29 PML-Q members signed the motion calling for a debate on Tahir’s statement. The motion said Tahir’s statement had harmed the PA’s sanctity. They declared Tahir’s proposal to dissolve the PA unconstitutional and undemocratic. They said they felt the proposal was against law and Tahir had violated the constitution and could be dismissed from assembly membership.
PML-Q lawmaker Seemal Kamran noted on the motion that Unification Bloc leader has violated the constitution and the demand breached his mandate. She sought permission to present it in the parliament. Calling Dr Tahir Javed a PML-Q traitor, Seemal demanded the PML-N to present its view on Tahir’s suggestion. PPP Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Mahmood Basra said the statement was a part of conspiracy and the dissolution of the PA to block the Senate poll would violate constitution.
He said the Punjab CM is more dangerous than dengue and the dissolution conspiracy had been hatched in Raiwind. He said if Sharifs are not involved in the demand to dissolve the PA, they should move a reference against Dr Tahir to the election commission of Pakistan. He said the PPP will not table a no-confidence motion against Shahbaz Sharif, allowing him to remain the ‘minority chief minister’. He asked the Chief Justice to take suo moto action to register a sedition case against Dr Tahir or they will adopt legal alternates of their own. PML -N Parliamentary Secretary Rana Arshad called Tahir’s suggestion his ‘personal opinion.’ He said the PML-N leadership does not wish to derail democracy.