‘Remarkable success achieved in anti-dengue drive’


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Tuesday that sincere and dedicated efforts are being made for the eradication of dengue and doctors, nurses and paramedics achieved remarkable success in the drive against this menace and saved thousands of lives for which he salutes them. He was addressing a seminar regarding dengue at the University of Health Sciences. The CM said that elected representatives, bureaucrats and experts worked as a team for controlling dengue.
Shahbaz said that dengue posed a challenge but the Punjab government with tireless efforts and cooperation of people and experts will definitely succeed in overcoming the epidemic.. Shahabz said that training of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff for eradication of dengue and provision of curative facilities to patients was of vital importance and a comprehensive training programme was being evolved. The CM said that 150 doctors, nurses and paramedics were being sent for training to Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. He said that a viral infection plan was being given final shape with consultation of experts for controlling dengue and other viral diseases. Shahbaz said that Pakistani doctors were capable and talented and became master trainers in a short period of time. The CM said that a committee was looking into deaths reported by the media but media should also highlight relentless efforts of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff due to which thousands of people had recovered.


  1. No doubt, the CM did remarkable untiring efforts. But please investigate of allegations about ineffective mosquito spray bought through Ch. Nisar's brother. Dengue will die with November winter cold but he should take necessary precautions from now for next season.

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