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HRCP concerned over violation of right to life

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Monday expressed concerns over the violation of the right to life across Pakistan. The HRCP demanded that the impunity for killing people should be addressed and efforts to protect human rights, particularly the right to life, should be made.
A statement issued as the conclusion of the HRCP Council meeting said it was of serious concern that the targeted killings of Hazaras in Balochistan continued. It said victims of enforced disappearance continued to be recovered as dead bodies and large-scale killings in tribal areas continued and efforts to get to the truth had not been made despite the discovery of a mass grave in Mohmand Agency months ago. The statement said that targeted killings in Karachi had become routine.
Violence against women was increasing, it added. The statement proposed that to restore law and order and respect for right to life, the government needed to take responsibility and the challenges it faced could not be overcome alone. All political parties needed to aid the state in achieving peace, it added. The statement also proposed that the government needed to interact with the civil society in a meaningful way and eradicate the law and order issues as well as the society’s complex notions of honour, the statement added.

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