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Pakistani musicians grieve Jagjit’s loss

Zille Huma: I did not know about this news until Pakistan Today contacted me and I am shocked to know about his sudden demise. Jagjit Singh knew my mother (Madam Noor Jehan) very well and he had met her once in Canada. We were all very influenced and inspired by his singing style. Jagjit was a great singer undoubtedly and had a wonderful husky and throaty voice and brilliant pronunciation. He had his own individual style which was very rousing and stirring to listen to.
Javed Bashir: Jagjit was a legend, who has made his own individual style in the field of ghazal singing. It was iron bound and that is why he has always been so easily identified as a singer. His death will be an irreplaceable loss to the entire South Asian region, and everywhere where ghazal fans are present.
Imtiaz Ali Khan: Jagjit’s status in ghazal singing was so high no one could reach there. We met in Bombay back in 1981, and we found that he was a splendid person, generous in his praises and wonderful to talk to. Today I remember his singing with a very unique style, with excellent composition, wonderful melody and brilliant arrangement.
Ahmed Ali Butt: Jagjit was a legend. His contribution was amazing and he was a true artist. I have had the honour to meet him once back in the 1980s, but unfortunately I was too young at that time to even realise who he was and how important he was to music.
Saif Samejo: I have personal memories attached to Jagjit’s music and songs. Since childhood he has pervaded my life, as my father used to listen to him and I grew up on his music and voice. My feelings and sentiments are all connected to his music and I have a nostalgic connection with him.

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