Power theft campaign


Ministry of Water and Power has launched an anti-theft campaign on electronic and print media encouraging the people to call in those consumers who are using domestic meter for commercial purposes, meter tempering, hooking of wire and not paying their electricity bill. It is common knowledge that those who are indulging in these activities are doing it in connivance with the electricity supplying company’s staff. Only in Karachi, the theft of electricity amounted to Rs 35 billion last year. Same is the situation all over the country and those who are paying their electricity bill honestly have to pay for those thieves as well.
Why does not Wapda ask the other government institutions, including President and Prime Minister Houses and Secretariat to pay their dues which have now amounted to billions. Why are the electricity supplying companies not engaging private or security forces on payment to do the job of controlling the theft and recovery of outstanding dues of electricity from defaulters? The individual consumer can be motivated to report the theft if a financial reward is offered to them. I am sure many would be happy to volunteer their services for the job.


  1. Only way to reduce power theft is to produce cheap electricity. An average man who earns Rs7000 to Rs 10,000 pays almost Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 as his power bill.

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