Golra Railway Station loses its appeal


Poor policies and lack of attention by the Railways authorities towards the Golra Railway station has created enormous troubles for passengers. Visitors of the station can only feel the remnants of the glory of railway, as old locomotives are on display while some others are in the adjoined museum.
The scenic platform with old shadowy trees and benches present a classic traditional setting, a characteristic of any railway station. Unfortunately, trains arriving at the railway station are mostly late, which caused great inconvenience to the passengers, resulting in loss of attraction by the station. Talking to Pakistan Today, several passengers complained that late arrival of trains had become a routine.
“The government should focus on Railways sector as it is in the best interest of the country,” said Hammad Ali. Another visitor Faisal Sheikh said high fares of taxis and vans forced the passengers to rely on train but the government seemed reluctant to provide any relief to the public. Rubas Malik, a van driver, said he had to participate in the marriage ceremony of his cousin and he opted for a train because of the high prices of CNG, but he was informed at the station that the train would not arrive after breakdown of locomotives.
“I often rely on the train, while considering that it is the cheapest means of travel,” he said. The passengers demanded the government to make all-out efforts for the survival of Railways, which is on the verge of collapse as many of the trains are not on the track due to the aggravating crisis.