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Dissolution to be dealt according to law: Khosa

Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said on Sunday that he would work according to law on any suggestion for dissolution of the provincial assembly.
Talking to journolists, he said the Senate elections cannot be cancelled due to the assembly dissolution. He said that it was suggestion of only one member.
Earlier, the unification block in the Punjab Assembly had advised the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to dissolve the provincial assembly to hinder ruling Pakistan People’s Partys (PPP) victory in upcoming Senate polls.
However, the Pakistan Muslim League, of which the unification block is an ally in the provincial assembly, refused the proposal.
The spokesman of the Punjab government clarified that no such suggestion was under consideration.
The PPP is enjoys majority in the 100-seat Senate. Both the key parties, PML-N and PPP, are gearing up for upper house polls to be held in Mach 2012.

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  1. Jan Muhammad said:

    This proposal will derail democracy and will result in Martial Law. PPP will not allow this and would create circumstances for army to intervene. Army intervention! Nawaz's political future will be locked. New general will destroy PMLN first for perpetuating his rule. Nawaz will die without becoming PM again. As regards future of Pakistan, Sindh, KP, and Baluchistan will regard it as an attempt by Punjab to topple a govt which has genuine representation of smaller provinces and in which leaders from Sindh and smaller provinces have good representation. The federation and unity of pakistan will be permanently damaged. It will damage the country as Governor General Ghulam Muhammad did in 1954 by dissolving a govt run by a Bengali PM. That action paved way for destruction of Pakistan.

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