Afghanistan wants more US pressure on Pakistan


The Kabul government on Saturday demanded that Washington increase pressure on Pakistan to act against insurgents using its soil to attack Afghanistan, saying Afghans were running out of patience.Afghan President Hamid Karzai held talks with US regional envoy, Marc Grossman, in Kabul just days after President Barack Obama warned Pakistan there were “some connections” between its intelligence services and extremists.
“The Afghan president asked Grossman to put more pressure on Pakistan so that future meetings with them should bring a positive result,” one official at the presidential palace told AFP on condition of anonymity. Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, long mired in distrust, have recently deteriorated with Kabul alleging that the murder of its peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbani was hatched in Pakistan and carried out by a Pakistani.
Promise: The palace quoted Grossman as promising that the US will “continue putting pressure on Pakistan to take practical steps forward”. Karzai said further meetings with Pakistan “should bring positive results, because after all these suicide attacks and terrorism the people of Afghanistan are losing thier patience”, added the statement. US embassy spokesman Gavin Sundwall told AFP that Grossman was on a tour of the region to discuss preparations for international conferences on Afghanistan’s future in Istanbul and Bonn later this year.
“That’s what he met President Karzai about this morning,” Sundwall said. Washington has stepped up calls on Islamabad in recent weeks to break ties with the al Qaeda linked Haqqani network, blamed for last month’s 19-hour siege on the US embassy in Kabul.


  1. Send all Aryans back to their homes. No more aid for these ungreatful people. As if they were civilized in the first place. Losing patience my foot

    • Afghans are our brothers. Like Pakistanis who can not be blamed for their political leaders Afghans should not have to pay for the betrayal of one or two individuals. These people are afraid of an uncertain future for them selves after US has reduced its presence in Afghanistan.

  2. Ending Global Terrorism
    The Third World can only remain colonies if their attention and energy is channeled towards fighting each other. This is why the French, the British, the US and the Fourth Reich Zionist Entity are the first suspect in every terror attack. A short History of their criminal record:

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  5. Afghanistan please !!! You should be with us not against us. We don’t need a third country & that too America as our intermediary to put pressure or to tell us what to do & what not to! Haven’t we learn anything from their so called ” Alliance” !

  6. President is only speaking on behalf of US. It hurts more when US says the same. Good idea……

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