Nawaz demands ban on ‘violent’ political parties


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that the government should ban all political parties who had militant wings and send court references against them.
Talking to reporters at a press conference in Daulatpur, Nawaz said Karachi was a peaceful city but its peace had been destroyed, and those who were involved in such heinous acts could not serve the country. He alleged that the government was involved in spoiling the situation and that politics should not be done at the cost of peace. He demanded that the government send references against all such parties who are involved in causing upheavals and had militant wings.
He said the government was not interested in solving problems of the masses and it was wasting the resources meant to serve the people. He said that the corrupt were still occupying key posts despite plundering. When asked about the All-Parties Conference, the PML-N chief said Pakistan’s foreign policy needed to be synchronised with the national interests the internal and foreign policies both needed to be amended.
While visiting the shrine of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sharif told reporters that the government should now go because the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had now been associated to extortionists. Later, addressing a public meeting in Sakrand, Nawaz said that in this era of development the academic standard in Sindh was low.
NEW PROVINCES: Nawaz also told reporters at the Multan airport on Friday that his party was not against the creation of new provinces, however they should be formed on administrative grounds and not on ethnic or linguistic basis.


  1. What about PML-N's close links with banned militant outfits in Punjab. They may be banned on paper, but practically, they are operational with the blessings of Punjab government. When is Punjab government going to crackdown on them?

  2. The Honorable SCP-CJP has given its verdict on suo moto notice, it took on Karachi. They have placed responsibility on the chief accused forming government in coalition to probe the judicial process of target killers and bathakhori in Karachi not only during Julty-August-2007 but for whenever, wherever by whosoever even of thirty years back and Zulfikar Mirza has been disposed by PPP-Zardari to appease MQM. Will it impartial probe ever happen when the main accused are ingovernment? Can accused prove themselves accused ’khud mujram-khud munsaf’!!.To strengthen as one caller suggested that SCP should had ordered the coalition formation of PPP-Z,ANP,MQM to be postponed MQM,ANP joining government till the independent probe by highest power judicial commission is satisfactorily completed (PPP-Z . principally government should had also resigned).

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