Rani Mukerji to get married in 2012?


Looks like marriage is on the cards for Rani Mukerji anytime soon. There are clear indications by daddy dearest, former filmmaker Ram Mukerji, that his darling daughter Rani Mukerji will get married next year.
The Mukerji family is celebrating Durga Puja in Mumbai this year and on the eve of Dussera, Ram Mukerji said to media persons at the sidelines of the family pandal at Juhu, “The dream of every father is to see his daughter married. I, too, want to see Rani married, and this is what I have asked from Durga Ma this year.”
He said that Rani is aware of his wish and has promised to get married by 2012. “Rani is so busy all through the year that she has not been able to find time for her personal priorities like marriage. But I have spoken to her about it. She has promised me that she’s going to get married next year. I am very happy to tell you this because I want to see Rani married next year,” added the actor’s father.
Mukerji also said that he’s aware that Rani had cancelled all her plans last year to be by his side when took ill. “My daughter was very upset because I was not keeping well. But I am happy that I am perfectly fine now, and that my daughter has been able to concentrate on her work. I am blessed to have a daughter like Rani and I must say that I am a very proud father,” beamed the proud father.


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