Political parties to have level-playing field in FATA after reforms: governor


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Barrister Masood Kausar on Friday said political parties would have a level playing field in FATA as a result of the extension of the Political Parties Order 2002.
“FATA Reforms is a revolutionary step in the history of the Tribal Areas and its implementation will be ensured at every cost,” he said.
Talking to a 30-member delegation of the Mohmand Welfare Organisation from Mohmand Agency, the governor said the government was serious in implementing the FATA reforms and President Asif Ali Zardari was himself taking a keen interest to fulfill his commitment to the FATA people.
“We want to empower the people of FATA and take them along in every initiative for their progress and prosperity,” he said, adding that a system was being devised to involve the people from various walks of life in the monitoring mechanism of development projects to ensure quality construction, timely completion and judicious utilisation of funds. He said he did not believe in paper work and would like to see the progress visible on the ground. The delegation was headed by MWO Chairman Mir Afzal Mohmand, who also highlighted the role and performance of the organisation and demanded facilities in various social sectors besides presenting some suggestions.
The governor said participation of the tribal people in political activities was a must for the development of a democratic tribal society. However, he added that the political process should be in accordance with a code of conduct to be formulated in consultation with all the political parties.
He said being governor he would be totally impartial and apolitical in the entire process. Kausar urged the tribal people to cooperate in furthering the democratic process in FATA in a peaceful and cordial atmosphere as some elements might try to sabotage it.
The governor cautioned that whoever tried to impede the political and democratic process in FATA would be dealt with strictly. He recalled that the tribal people had suffered a lot in the recent years and had rendered valuable sacrifices for the peace and stability. “Now when the situation is better, the government will make every effort to facilitate them,” he said, adding that it was due to the people’s support and cooperation that the militants and mischievous elements had been rooted out in majority areas in FATA.
These elements, he added were the enemy of peace and development as was witnessed from the destruction they caused to the service providing facilities like educational and health institutions and communication infrastructure.
The governor said in the changed circumstances, the role of the political administration had also changed and had been advised to serve the tribesmen rather than ruling them.
He said education was the government’s top priority, assuring the delegation that the FATA education director would be asked to submit a detailed report on the points raised by the delegation. He also assured the delegation that work on Munda dam would start soon.

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