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Nawaz demands ban on ‘violent’ parties

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that the government should ban all such political parties who have militant wings and send references against them.
While addressing a press conference in Daulatpur, Nawaz said that Karachi was a peaceful city but the peace was destroyed and those who are involved in such heinous act cannot serve the country. He alleged that present government is involved in spoiling the situation and that politics should not be done at the cost of peace.
He demanded that the government should send references against all such parties who are involved in causing upheaval and have militant wings.
PML-N chief continued saying that the government is not interested in solving problems of the masses and is wasting the resources that are meant to serve the people.
When asked about All Parties Conference (APC), Nawaz said that Pakistan’s foreign policy needs to be synchronized with the national interests, while the internal and foreign policies need to be amended.

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  1. zoya said:

    yes nawaz shairf the govt should band all Political Parties that cause Violence starting with u First then the rest & bring in Martial Law as this country needs Lathi charge alwaysssssssss

  2. Aftab Kenneth Wilson said:

    I like your comments but what about those terrorist organizations who are flourishing like dengue in your own province. Stop point scoring and be realistic on national issues.

  3. Nadia Saleem said:

    ResponseMian Nawaz Sharif, chief of his faction of the League, has come out with a very significant statement. He said recently that the militant groups in the political parties should be banned. A major problem with Mian sahib’s statement is its credibility. An element of militancy has been developing for a long time as an instrument of street power to intimidate the government of the time and also other political groups. The Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing was one of the earlier ‘danda bardar’ (stick-wielding) violence mongering groups. Later, with the rise of the PPP, they developed a counter-force. Gradually, all parties developed some elements to fight out. Thus the rise in militancy. Mian sahib has taken another route. He has colluded with banned organisations and other militants to give him support. He has never condemned or openly spoken against the terror networks. At best he wants negotiations with the Taliban; negotiations that have been heavily conditional and one-sided. Even if an understanding was ever developed, it was never implemented or cared for by the militants. The negotiations in the case of Swat are an example. The PML-N’s Punjab government openly, and covertly, supports extremists and vice versa. Some organisations like the Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) are given open financial support.

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