People should come out to save Pakistan: Nawaz


PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has urged the people to stand behind him, saying if they don’t come out at this juncture, Pakistan will suffer huge loss.
While talking to a public rally of PML-N at Daulatpur here on Thursday, he said it was very remorseful that the condition of people in Sindh was very poor despite passing six decades.
He said President Zardari belonged to Nawabshah district, which is named after the Benazir Bhutto. There should be most modern healthcare facilities and state of art education institutions in the hometown of President Zardari, he said and added but it was very shocking to see that there was neither any school and hospital nor any road infrastructure and people were deprived of even basic amenities here. “From now on Nawabshah is my district as Zardari who calls it his home, could not do anything for the welfare of the people,” he added.
Sharif said the flood added miseries of the people as they lost everything, their houses, their savings, their crops, their cattle and even their dear ones but neither federal government nor Sindh government came to help them.
He said the Punjab government and PML-N jointly had sent almost 625 trucks of relief goods to 12 districts of Sindh so far and this process was still going on.


  1. so that you can once again ditch the nation and return back from motorway…Idiot is one who gets fooled twice by the same person….Pakistani's would definitely do a million march but not under your banner..Mr. Janus-headed

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