MQM returns ‘in national interest’


After 99 days in the wilderness, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Wednesday announced joining the federal and provincial governments again with immediate effect.
The MQM will take the same number of ministries in the federal and provincial governments, while the decisions regarding provincial portfolios has been left with Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah. The decision was taken in a meeting between the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and MQM leaders at the Sindh Governor’s House on Wednesday. The PPP delegation included the Sindh chief minister, Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani, Home Minister Manzoor Wassan and Federal Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Shah, while the MQM was represented by Dr Farooq Sattar, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, Raza Haroon, Adil Siddiqui, Waseem Aftab and Dr Sagheer Ahmed.
Later in the night, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani telephoned MQM chief Altaf Hussain and congratulated him over the renewed alliance between the two parties. After the meeting, Ebad told reporters that the country was facing internal and external challenges. “As a strong and disciplined party, we, after long discussions, decided to rejoin the government from today,” he said.
“The coalition partnership between the PPP and MQM is based on stabilising the country, but unfortunately because of some unpleasant conditions, the alliance could not remain intact. Even when the MQM was not part of the coalition, it refrained from acting against the government.”
“On August 19, President Asif Ali Zardari had called MQM chief Altaf Hussain and invited him to join the government. After the president, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani also called Altaf, saying the country was passing through a critical stage and there was a need to face these challenges jointly. After these developments, Altaf Hussain decided to rejoin the government,” the governor stated.
Ebad said political parties were always working for their political interests, but sometimes parties set aside their individual interest for the larger interest of the country. At this difficult time, the MQM has decided to work jointly with the government. “Rejoining the government will enable us to resolve the issues of the people. Citizens of Karachi have suffered a lot. For peace, harmony and sustainability, the MQM has decided to join the government.
The MQM ministers will hold their offices from now. The cracks that appeared between the PPP and MQM coalition have been repaired.” To a question, Qaim Ali Shah said it was clear that the PPP was not in agreement with the point of view of former senior minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza. The MQM’s decision to rejoin the government was taken days earlier when the Supreme Court of Pakistan was about to announce its decision on the suo motu notice on the Karachi situation.
Federal Minister Khursheed Ahmed Shah told reporters at the Quaid-e Azam International Airport that peace was the top priority of the government. “All stakeholders have been taken into confidence. Indiscriminative operation has been launched in the city and the resultant peace is evident.” The Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh said the MQM’s rejoining the coalition was expected.


  1. Lord Nazir had also written a letter to the Scotland Yard about the ongoing investigations of Dr Imran Farooq murder and Altaf's alleged threat in his recent press conference. The response from the Scotland Yard was rather mute and they want a proof that Altaf had committed a crime in the UK. The Scotland Yard couldn't care less about what is happening in Karachi. The UK government is more concerned saving lives of their citizens and therefore fighting war against terrorists in Afghanistan.

    Besides, Asif Zardari has no qualms about what is happening in Sindh and Karachi and he is ready to surrender everything to the MQM for the sake of reconciliation.

    As regards to the statement of Ishratul Ebad that the MQM has rejoined the government for the sake of nation's interest is ridiculous. MQM has some vested interests for which it is working. Dr Z Mirza has thoroughly exposed the leader of the MQM who has, as yet, not come out with any denial of the allegations levelled by ZM against MQM supremo.

  2. this is all politics of looting and grabing the rights of people. neither MQM nor PPP nor any other party has insight and urge for solving the problems of people

  3. The whole drama was enacted to digress public attention from real issue of horrendous corruption,incompetence,degenarting Pakistan,poor.This MQM,PPPZ,MLC,ANP are liars,cheats,corrupt,enemies of poor,enemies of Kalabagh who have ruined poor.They must be now destroyed,no matter they promise.MQM must be punished by SCP and banned from politics for target killings,bathakhori and to clean our politics which they have putrifiued with their munafkat,mokaprasti,jhoot,qatlogharat,blackmailing,lies and thirdf-gutter class leadership who all speak like 'makar'gada'.HELL with his group of liars and cheats.

  4. Supreme Court judgement spells out disaster for MQM. The court has clearly blamed MQM for target killings and extortion. Ajmal Pahari has been clearly mentioned as being an MQM target killer.

    The other important point was approval of the allegations levelled by Dr Zulfikar Mirza against the MQM and its supremo.

    After all this, the PPP should rethink its power sharing decision with MQM. The inclusion of MQM in the government will be construed as contempt of the judgement of the Supreme Court.

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