JKLF factions reunite


In an attempt to strengthen the efforts for getting a separate state for the Kashmiri people, two major factions of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Thursday announced they would merge into each other, saying that the decision had been taken in the greater interest of the Kashmiri people. While speaking at the press conference at the National Press Club, the JKLF President Ammanullah Khan said after consultation meetings held between the two leaders of the factions, Amanullah and Yasin Malik, the decision had been made to reunify the party.
“Both of us decided to announce the decision in front of the media and for the same purpose, Yasin and I held news conferences in Islamabad and Srinagar,” Khan informed. He said that the party had declared him the JKLF Supreme Head for his lifetime and Yasin Malik would be the chairman of the party. “All the organisations affiliated with JKLF will also be re-modified within a short period,” he said. However, he concluded that the dream of hundreds of Kashmiris had been materialised by the party’s unification.