Appeal filed against Qadri verdict


Appeal plea has been filed in Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the decision of Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) in Salman Taseer murder case.
Appeal has been filed by President District Bar Association Islamabad, Haroon ur Rashid, President District Bar Rawalpindi, Joint Secretary District Bar, Yasir Mehmood and other lawyers.
They took the plea the basic points, which are mentioned, in section 6 Anti Terrorism law don’t become operational in this case and the punishment awarded under ATA was illegal. The statement of the accused was taken under case No 342 and no question was raised with regard to terrorism. As per Supreme Court and constitution of the country Islamic was supreme law of the country. However in this decision Islamic clauses were ignored.
It is further stated in the appeal plea that evidence came on record on the occasion in the court but they were not seen. This offence does not fall in section 302/B but it falls in section 302/C and its maximum punishment is 14 years jail term. Therefore, the accused can not be awarded death penalty.
Judge Syed Parvez Ali Shah of ATC had awarded capital punishment on two counts, one year jail term and fine to Mumtaz Qadri an Elite Force personal who was arrested in Suleman Taseer killing case on October 1.


    • He killed some one in cold blood. He killed someone who was in his protection (Amaan) which can't be right.

      • are u crazy.what are u saying.he did good because taseer was changing our islamic laws and he abused.qadri did which other couldnt/

  1. this judgement is extremely illogical …he is our hero and we cant let them to be hanged..

  2. i hate how stupid pakistanis could get, everyone knows and if u actually watch salman taseer;s interviews, he said i am not going against the prophet, but this is a law which is being mis used and he was right, people mis used it many times, i can go kill anyone i want and say he said bad things about prophet, they used to do it in villages many times… shariah is perfect, but it is a law, and laws are implemented and follwed by people, if the people themselevs are not good, how can they implemented and follow, shariah…

    he simply said, do it in a way so that no one is unjustly killed.. but

    because we pakistanis r stupid, we will take his one line abut we will not loook at his message, obv we r a nation of idiots

  3. May ALLAH will make you rise up with Salman Taseer, and we all with Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri (Damat Barkat humul Aliya); AMIN

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