‘Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping probe expanded’


Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmed Raza Tahir said on Wednesday that investigations regarding kidnapping of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer’s son Shahbaz Taseer have been expanded, as investigators were trying to figure out whether the case was related to internal conflicts in the Taseer family or with the death sentence awarded to the former governor’s killer Mumtaz Qadri.
The CCPO said that there were developments in both kidnapping cases of Shahbaz Taseer and Dr Warren Weinstein but he could not share the course of investigations, as it might aid the kidnappers. Tahir said that police had traced seven out of the ten bank robberies in different areas of the city and would bring the criminals to justice. He said that terror suspect Hafiz Muaz, who was nabbed by the Model Town Investigation Police, was found involved in the Faisal Town blast. The CCPO said that the terror suspect was planning to carry out a massive terror attack in the city, which was halted by the investigators. He said that the Lahore CIA had arrested three culprits involved in stealing medicines from a pharmaceutical factory and seized medicine worth Rs 11 million. The CCPO said that the manager of Pacific Pharmaceutical Factory had mentioned in his application that thieves had stolen chemicals from his factory upon which case No 78 was registered at the Sunder Police Station, under Section 457/380 of the PPC. He said that a team of CIA, after collecting the thieves’ particulars arrested three culprits, Muhammad Fayaz, Asghar Ali and Shahzad and seized the stolen medicine.
Tahir said that the Lahore CIA had also arrested five culprits, Irfan, Ishfaq, Zaheer Abbas, Rizwan Ali and Imran Yousaf who snatched money from Mian Ijaz Mushtaq, a fruit market trader and injured his employee Khalid Hussain on resistance. The CCPO awarded Rs 1 million and gave out commendatory certificates to policemen for
outstanding performance.


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