ST stages demo in favour of Mumtaz Qadri


Activists of Sunni Tehreek (ST) on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration against the court decision of awarding death penalty to Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the murderer of former governor Punjab Salman Taseer.
Religious protestors gathered at Khanna Bridge where they blocked the road, burnt tires and chanted slogans against the government and the judiciary decision.
Speaking on the occasion, ST leader Mufti Liaqat Ali Rizvi said Qadri was the hero of the Muslim community and to award him death penalty on behalf of a legal system which was the creation of the British people was unjustified. “The court decision is anti-Islamic,” he added. He said that Punjab Law Ministry was the mainly responsible for the murder of Salman Taseer as it did not implement the blasphemy law and left the former governor to die unlawfully. The protestors warned the government that they would not let anyone hang Qadri. They said the government was acting upon foreign conspiracies by suppressing the voice of Qadri’s supporters.
However, the protestors warned the government to refrain from any steps which harmed Mumtaz Qadri or his family, or else the situation would become worse.


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