Dengue hits one of its crusaders


Allama Iqbal Medical College Principal and Jinnah Hospital CEO Dr Javed Akram has tested positive for dengue, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Akram was a dengue suspect and his blood samples were sent to the laboratory for testing. On Tuesday, he tested positive for dengue. Talking to Pakistan Today, Akram said, “My blood reports have confirmed I’ve got dengue. My platelet count is 79,000 but my condition is not so crucial.” Akram was just one of the many medical professionals and senior doctors who have contacted dengue clearly showing that no one was safe from the fast spreading deadly epidemic. Earlier, senior doctors from Children Hospital, Punjab Institute of Cardiology, senior bureaucrats, politicians and people from all walks of life caught dengue. Moreover, many nurses and paramedics have also been hit by dengue. Although the epidemic was on the decline, cases were still being reported in all health establishments across the city.