Call for Karachi province comes from other side of globe


A group of people declaring themselves “patriotic Pakistani Americans from Karachi” has demanded making Karachi a separate province.
An advertisement of the group called the Karachi Province Movement was published in the September 14-20, 2011 issue of the New York-based Pakistan Voice, which is published in Urdu every week.
In the said advert, which has also been published on the newspaper’s website, the movement invited like-minded people to join the cause.
It requested the Pakistani government to create a separate province of Karachi with independent administration for ensuring peace and prosperity in the metropolitan where everyone could enjoy equal rights.
The group said the movement’s plan of action would be announced soon.
It asked everyone who supported the idea of Karachi as a separate province to e-mail them their suggestions.
Its advertisement said Karachi has been constantly burning for the past few years and there is bloodshed everywhere, damaging the beauty of the metropolitan.
It said, “Thousands of innocent citizens are being killed day and night. Fear has upset the way of living of the common man. The land mafia, drug mafia and terrorists are ruling the city.”
The group accused the federal and provincial governments of politicking, playing the blame game, reconciliation and control while the metropolis bleeds and burns.
It said Karachi does not belong to a particular class, group, party or community, but the Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch, Pakhtun and Urdu-speaking people together could restore peace in the city.
According to the advertisement, all of this is only possible when the federal government stops intervening in the Sindh government’s affairs; political parties in the provincial government stop playing politics over dead bodies; strict measures are taken to deweaponise the city; and all culprits are taken to court without considering their religious, ethnic or political affiliation.


  1. So now we hear these demands openly. Who are these elements who want separate province of Karachi. MQM is the mastermind behind such demand. During recent disturbances MQM did unleash its thugs to write on the walls of the city with demands of separate province of Karachi although MQM issued a half hearted denial.

    Zardari's policy of reconciliation has obviously not worked despite meeting each and every demand of these blackmailers. Vast majoirty of target killers belong to the MQM and they are spilling the beans. MQM as usual has disowned these murderers but behind the scenes twisting the arm of the weak provincial government to let them off the hook.

    The Supreme Court is going to make the verdict public tomorrow morning and I can say with confidence that the Justices will declare MQM guilty of violence which has been going on for long time and also declare MQM guilty of violation of one clause of the constitution. I will not be surprised if some leaders may be indicted and the government of Pakistan be forbidden to enter into any alliance with MQM.

    The government should continue its operation against target killers.

  2. And whats wrong in demanding your rights? If the people of karachi, who by the way are the back bone of Pakistan both intellectually and financially until the recent influx of the criminals, demand their own province it does not mean they will take Karachi and shift it some where else. I would suggest you grow out of this pathetic close minded thinking. I believe its the deepest desire of some people to see that Karachi never prosper, hey but the cream always rises to the top. Lets give the reins to people like Mustafa Kamal who not only have real college degree, unlike most from Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, but also know how to manage without stealing.

  3. I must congratulate all the members of this PROVINCE FOR Karachiaites movement. People living abroad can really play a vital rule to bring govt and establish realise the demand. Keep this just struggle high and loud. The Nationalist movemnet of mohajirs MOHAJIR ITTEHAD TEHREEK already had set the target of Province movemnt as prime aim and object. Plz join hands with mohajir Qoum parast part MIT to acheive Province for mohajirs.

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