Amar Cables T20 Veterans Cricket from tomorrow


The Amar Cables T20 Veterans Championship will roll into action from October 6 at the Model Town Ground with a match between SMP Stags and Lahore Shaheen.
The championship is first of its kind for veterans albeit there are a number of events being organised by very senior cricketers and it was Amer Ilyas Butt, chief executive Amar Cables, who came up with the idea of bringing freshly retired cricketers back in cricket kit.
A former first class cricketer, Amer Butt was brought back to the game by none other than Kh Nadeem Ahmed, LCCA president. Now president of Shah Faisal Cricket Club, Amer himself is a regular player and participate in all the major veterans tournaments.
Amer, who was also part of national under-17 team, feels concerned about the state of cricket in Pakistan and it is his passion and love for the game that he brings new events for the lovers of the game.
Talking to Pakistan Today on Tuesday, Amer Butt said that this was the second event being orgaised by Amar Cables and they themselves will be defending the title from among 10 teams that have been divided into two pools with Group A having Amar Cables, SPM Stags, Lahore Tigers, Lahore Shaheen and Siddique Motors while Group B comprises Ch Sports, Lahore Whites, SPM Bucks, Gulberg Gymkhana and Lahore Mohammedens.
“The matches will be held at Model Town, Aligarh ad Ittfeq Grounds with the final likely to be played at the LCCA ground,” he added.
He said the winner will be awarded Rs 50,000 and the runner-up will get Rs 25,000 while the best players will be given Rs 5000 and best all-rounder will get Rs 7500. The man of the match of each game will be given Rs 1000. Kh Nadeem will be the chief guest of the opening day while the final will be played on November 6.
Oct 6: SPM Stags vs Lahore Shaheen MTG
Oct 8: (Sat) Siddique Motors vs Lahore Tigers, SPM Bucks vs Gulberg Gymkhana Ali Garh, Ch Sports vs Lahore Mohammedens Ittifaq C G 11
Oct 11: Lahore Whites vs Gulberg Gymkhana MTG
Oct 13: Amar Cables vs Lahore Shaheen MTG
Oct 15: SPM Stags vs Siddique Motors SPM, Bucks vs Lahore Whites Ali Garh, Gulberg Gymkhana vs Lahore Mohammedens Ittifaq CG
Oct 18: Amar Cables vs Lahore Tigers, MTG
Oct 20: Siddique Motors vs Lahore Shaheen MTG
Oct 22: SPM Stags vs Lahore Tigers SPM Bucks vs Ch Sports Ali Garh, Lahore Whites vs Lahore Mohammedens Amar Cables vs Siddique Motors Ittifaq CG
Oct 25 Lahore Shaheen vs Lahore Tigers MTG
Oct 27 Lahore Whites vs Ch Sports MTG
Oct 29 Amar Cables vs SPM Stags Ali Garh, SPM Bucks vs Lahore Mohammedens Ittifaq CG
Oct 31 Ch Sports vs Gulberg Gymkhana MTG
Nov 03: Semi Final 1 (Group A Winner vs Group B Runner Up) TBC
Nov 04: Semi Final 2 (Group B Winner vs Group A Runner Up) TBC
Nov 06: Final TBC.


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