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‘For Madar-e-Millat’s sake, correct a historical wrong’

As Quaid-e-Azam’s sister Fatima Jinnah, titled “Madar-e-Millat” or “Mother of the Nation”, was defeated by former military ruler Ayub Khan in a rigged elections in 1965, the government and political parties need to hold these polls again to “correct a historical wrong”, Arshad Hussain Abdullah, grandson of Sindh’s first Muslim chief minister Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah, said on Tuesday.
“The Quaid’s sister was defeating under a conspiracy and we all are responsible for this injustice. This blot on the country’s history needs to be cleaned now,” he said while speaking at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club.
“Fatima Jinnah was also assassinated under a conspiracy. A Bengali cook killed her,” he added.
Abdullah’s grandfather Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah was the mover of the resolution, which the Sindh Assembly had passed with a majority on June 26, 1947, supporting the creation of Pakistan.
His press conference was aimed at commemorating the death anniversary of his grandfather who had died on October 4, 1948.
Abdullah said that he is a small grower of Mirpurkhas and lives in a flat in Karachi. He does not intend to participate in politics as he considers himself as “a family member of the founders of Pakistan”.
“My grandfather left Rs 5 million in Sindh’s exchequer on his death, but the amount has been missing after his death. This money needs to be returned to the province’s exchequer,” he said.

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  1. Aslam Deenar said:

    More than 64 years have been passed but still so called Pakistan is not matured.off course maturity comes after experience (keep it in mind the ex and existing rulers either Politicians or Military and civil bureaucrats of ill fate Pakistan could not learned form fall of Bangladesh which was major Part of cramp Pakistan, they all corrupt officials doing the same acts with their other parts especially in Baluchistan and Sindh.they do not giving the basic rights and self determination to poor people and more ever torturing, murdering and throwing the brutal bodies of innocent people of Baluchistan in particular and Generally all over the Pakistan ) so we all Pakistani need a Revolution against above mentioned corrupt Mafia. Hope this Revolution Brings Hope, peace, prosperity and freedom from all evils.
    Every body get their rights and self determination as mentions in the charted of United Nations and Lahore Resolution of 1940 which caused the creation of Pakistan.

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