Main accused arrested in Shahkot rape case


The main accused of raping a first-year college student in Shahkot has been arrested on Tuesday.
Police confirmed arrest of Shamroze, the main accused in Shahkot rape case, during a crackdown.
Shamroze’s interim bail was cancelled earlier on Tuesday by Additional Session Judge Mahboob Ahmad Khan .
Shamroze, son of an influential landlord of Kotla Kahilon, a village near Shahkot, went to Girls Complex of Shahkot College of Commerce and told the administration that the mother of the girl, Saba Rai, was seriously ill. He then took Saba to a deserted house and raped her along with his other friends.


  1. This person should be given exemplary punishment –
    How about Islamic sharia law in action here.
    Press should show his photo allover the media & castrate him in true sense

    What a shame for Islamic republic

    • shamroz kisi maa ka nahi kisi ghasti ka bacha hia jo pata nahi kahan kahan se karwati hia to shamroze jesa gand peda hota hia ye apni maa ksath bi zana karta hia is ko hijra bana dena chaiye takay ye khud gand marwa kar guzara karay

  2. Good News!
    but it will be good in the true sence only
    when the cursed boy reaps what he sew..

    • But yesterday in the court, he simply said that he was not in the area that day. Although, the aaya of the college said that he was the person who took the girl from the college and his arrested friend also said in geo news clip of 2nd october that the culprit did the rape and he was there at that time. I dont know why the court is ignoring these things. I dont think that the culprit will get the punishment unless some one strong from the government support the family of victim, otherwise police and court will do the usual what they normally do for rich culprits. What police did in the remand of the culprit. I know that its very easy for our police to get the truth from the culprit but i think they did nothing in the remand that shows something is wrong. I pray to god that please help the victim, she is in the great trouble. Just think that she got top in matric in whole district but suddenly all went wrong for her career and for her whole life just because of that bastard. Now imagine next step, if no punishment is given to the culprit then i dont know what will be the result of that for the girl. If no punishment or very less punishment is given to the victim then i can never think any thing good for pakistan.

  3. shamroz bara hi ghasti ka bacha hia lagta hia ye hia b haram ki olad is tarha k larkay apni maa k sath b zana kar saktay hian aur api behan k sath b is ko sansar kar dena chaiayeya is ko hijra bana dena chaiye takay sari umar khud gand marwata rahay

  4. Pakistani courts are notorious of accepting bribry, I highly doubt that Shamroze or others like him receive any punishment. According to Pakistani law, he should be given death penalty. In the most evident scenario that he survives the deserving punishment, the victum should rightiously seek someone like Qadri to get rid of Shamroze.

  5. if anyone want to see that what is the real story of shahkot rape case then send me request for this seprate at my e mail address.Its tottly different that the news channel and news paper report it.when the story highlight in court then you are all says that its tottly different that news channel and news paper was shown.

  6. Shamroz should must be sentenced death in front of whole district…..
    MAY ALLAH give justice to that girl…

  7. Rapes are increasing day by day. There must be exemplary punishment to the culprits if government seriously wants to reduce or totally finish the rapes. Exemplary punishment would be death penalty with live coverage by all media to spread the message to all the rape culprits. Also the major part of wealth of the culprit family should be handed over to the victim to decrease the problems that the girl faces in Pakistan after being raped.

  8. Shamroz should be treated with exemplary punishment.
    All girls should be carefull for this and avoid to make friendships with boys.

  9. Shamroz ksi gndi kuti ka bcha hai.. Sch me ye ksi khhoty wali ki ulad hai jo city k hr mrd ki hm bistr bni hogi phr ye bhhhhhht e ghtia or nech gndi ulad peda hui.. Sch much ksi gndi nali ka gnda kerra hai..

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