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Final master plan model of DHA City Karachi presented

The final master plan model of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) City Karachi was presented at a meeting on Monday.
The meeting of the DHA City Karachi’s steering committee was chaired by the authority’s administrator Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi, according to a DHA statement.
The DHA City Karachi’s lead concept planner, Prof Spiro Pollalis, presented the main features of the master plan model including topography, residential sectors, business district, road networks and amenity areas.
The complete DHA City Karachi site is spread over an area of 11,640 acres that has been divided into 16 sectors; each sector has further four sub-sectors interspersed with residential and commercial plots of varying sizes.
Sector, street, road and plot numbering have been done logically in a systematic manner for easy understanding.
DHA City Karachi consultants’ team leader, Arif Osmani, gave the details of different infrastructure and specialised reports with the master plan. They include detailed sector reports on transport planning, water supply, sewerage and drainage system, solid waste management system, landscape planning, business development strategy, renewable energy development, sports and recreational facilities and sociology.
The sustainable features of the master plan design include introduction of ekistics-based pedestrian concept with emphasis on promotion of the culture of walking, cycling and maximum use of public (metro) transport in the city duly supported by a comprehensive roadway network.
Other sustainable features included renewable energy usage, reduction in electrical demand by incorporation of passive cooling features in houses design, natural cooling of streets through proper street orientation in planning, provision of adequate parking spaces, preservation of natural habitats and preservation of natural creeks through open and green spaces.
An international sustainability rating system had also being used in the development of master plan.
The features of gateway and downtown district were also presented by the planning team with details of the key components/areas of the district including city gateway, central business district, cultural park, education district all planned as per the international standards.
The physical execution of the DHA City Karachi is expected to start in next three months for which details of the immediate action plan were presented which includes construction of a security wall, beautifully designed security towers, DHA City Karachi composite building complex that has offices and a comprehensively designed seven-lane entrance gate.
The projects under the short-term development plan (2012-15) include arterial roads, major theme parks, lakeside parks, DHA City Karachi International University, DHA City Karachi Healthcare City and two residential sectors. Most of these projects would commence next year with varying completion time.
The administrator said that the DHA City Karachi’s master plan is a complete roadmap to modern living and a unique residential estate of the country. He commended the international and national experts for innovatively producing a versatile plan.

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  1. malik ul quddoos said:

    Seems good , hope it materializes as planned.

  2. Jamal Zeb said:

    What is the status of balloting for plot numbers, which was announced to be held by 30 September 2011? All empty promises.
    Jamal Zeb

  3. Malik Basit Manzoor said:

    DHA City Karachi project have International Standard and hope its physically working soon.It looks like very well.

  4. Haider said:

    lets have an area worth living, of luck all concerned.regards .

  5. Syed said:

    Where is balloting process information, how some one can participate in balloting?



  7. Nisar Ahmed said:

    We are exited. I am 62 years. Will I be able to live in this wonderfully city while I am alive?

    • Rana Khalid said:

      may u live above then hundred , after 3-4 year you will see the chang in karachi.

  8. ghulam Shaikh said:

    I am writting on behalf of all Pakistani residing abroad, what is the status of allotment of plots. Please update us when we are going to have allotment of plot numbers. People hear in abroad are so much anxious to pay in foreign currency as soon as possible if they get the information about their plot. We can clear all dues in 2 to 3 years in advance if we know where our plots will be.

  9. Ameer said:

    I think the DHA Karachi city project will not boost like other DHA Project because of location.

  10. Tahir Sajjad Rizvi said:

    on paper it looking very impressive but on record your updating regarding receipt of installment is very poor.

  11. Saeed shah said:

    DHA city Karachi project international standard n hope it's physically
    Working soon. it looks very well .

  12. Saeed shah said:

    DAh city ma is waqt plot Lana aqalmandi hai. Kun k ye hi dha project kam rate per hai or ye investment safe or golden hai. Mari sub doston se request hai k is ma investment Karyn ,,

  13. Saeed shah said:

    Dah city ma mare doston or mare Clint,s Ko plots chay plz contact 03218233266

  14. Saeed shah said:

    DHA city k rate best Hain sub per own hai ,.,.

    Best offer ka laya. 03218233266

    Saeed shah

  15. Ahmed said:

    All brothers and sisters, keep the plot tight as it would a piece of gold in next 3~4 years.

    • Saeed shah said:

      Best advise Ahmed bhi

      Plot best offer plz call me

  16. Saeed shah said:

    Wanted for plot urgent 500 yes comm

    Saeed shah 03218233266

    Best offer

  17. Sadia said:

    Plz give information that still plots r available and any plots to resale ,and I m leaving in Dubai and I m keen interest to have my home a in such a nice project plz updates and if yes tell me the procedure waiting for reply

    • Saeed shah said:

      Saeed shah dha city is best project ,. Information call me 03218233266

    • zafar said:

      AoA, Ms.Sadia, I have a plot of 200sq.yrds in DHA City, & willing to sale depending on your offer. Regards. Zafar(00923332282450)

  18. Khalid Memon said:

    M-9 Motorway from Karachi to Hyderabad will further boost the prospects of DHA City Karachi. I agree with the comment above that file owners must not lose patience and wait only for 3-4 years. It is the best lottery you can invest in.Those who do not agree now, should keep in mind that after completion of M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, DCK will only be one hour drive from Hyderabad. And after completion of Lyari Expressway and the proposed Malir Expressway, DHA City Karachi will be the ideal place to live in.

    • Rana Khalid Mahmood said:

      thanks for good you know dha is the place of jentries it will be in prectical in soon comming days.

  19. Abdul Qudoos said:

    By providing sectors insted of phases its seems that dha city has been highjacked by the MQM or impressed by the idealogy of the MQM……..Shame

  20. Arshad Karim said:

    Hope it will be a very Good peacefull place in karachi………………..

  21. munir ahmed said:

    for dha chairman sir, have u catered for fire dept. police buildings ,horse riding, spots building telephone exchange building grid station .,5 star hotels, motels, stadiums for events , marriage hall, concrete underground tunnels for housing people in case of nuclear war. have your own cable network.., cameras on every street with center control room ,have double boundary wall one of brisks and the other of wire fence wth in between road of 15 feet wide for security vehicle to move around and cameras and lights installed also build check post on boundary wall ,, build your own solar power distribution system and standby generators,


    DHA City Karachi project have International Standard and hope its physically working soon.It looks like very well.

  23. Ali said:

    I am interested in 200 sq yards in sector , 6 , 9 , 2 & 4 if any body have plot in this sector please email me, Me & my friends are willing to buy plot in these sectors.
    [email protected]

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